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Optipack Universal cable – 16 up to 144 fibers

Optipack Universal cable – 16 up to 144 fibers


  • Single cables with up to 12 fibers
  • Metal-free indoor cable
  • Strain relieved with aramide yarn
  • Ripcord for easy jacket removal
  • Low smoke, halogen-free and self-extinguishing
  • Cable with improved fire performance


  • Data cable in distribution networks
  • Ideal for applications involving high safety
  • For horizontal and collapsed backbone cabling
  • Fits multifiber connectors (MPO®/MTP)


Cable design central strength member, non-metallic
16 to 144 optical fibers
strain relief (aramide yarn)
separating tapen and 1 ripcord
Strain relief and rodent protection glass roving
Jacket material LSFH™
Standard colour cable jacket colour coded

in accordance with IEC 60794-1-2

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