PMRexpo digital
PMRexpo digital
The fair is an ideal setting for identifying new trends, getting to know the latest innovations in the field of professional secure communications.  Visit our virtual booth and discover our holistic solutions intended for indoor, outdoor and vehicle professional communication applications. 
24/11/2020 - 26/11/2020
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The connector with 12 optical fibers is equipped with MTP ferrules and characterized by a market proven mating mechanism.


  • Up to 24 fibers, single-mode or multimode
  • Compact design with MT ferrules
  • Built-in socket with square flange/hexagonal flange
  • Extension connector for cable chaining
  • Robust push-pull coupling mechanism – two clearly defined mating states
  • Highest outdoor installation safety
  • Waterproof, dust proof and corrosion resistant
  • Waterproof protection caps available
  • RoHs compliant


Technology   plastic ferrule (PPS)
Housing material   nickel-plated brass
Mating mechanism   push-pull with two clearly defined states
Mechanical performance Q-ODC plug ≤ 500 N tensile load           ≤30 N static side load
  Q-ODC socket ≤ 30 N static side load
Operating temperature          1) IEC 61300-2-22 −40 up to +85 °C
Mating durability IEC 61300-2-2 100 cycles             2)
Ingress protection (mated) IEC 60529 IP68 (3 m/30 days)
Salt mist IEC 61300-2-26 30 days passed
Vibration IEC 61300-2-1 passed 10 to 500 Hz/10 g
Shock IEC 61300-2-9
IEC 61373
passed 50 g
passed category 1, 2

1) depending on cable type 

2) with repeated cleaning


Optical performance
MTP performance by fiber type/grade

fiber type/grade Typical IL (dB) Maximum IL (dB)
Low-loss single-mode (SM MT Elite) 0.15 0.35
Low-loss multimode (MM MT Elite) 0.15 0.35

Additional Information

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Customer Service
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