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The SENCITY® Rail MIMO Low Profile Antenna

Utilise as much space as possible and still get great connectivity on a double decker train with the SENCITY® Rail MIMO Low Profile antenna, an omni-directional rooftop MIMO antenna that is just 40 mm in height. It covers services for 5G and Wi-Fi 6E bands and includes multiband GNSS options. Find out more.

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DesignCon 2021
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Q-XCO – quick-lock ruggedised SFP connector

Q-XCO – quick-lock ruggedised SFP connector


  • Quick-lock mating connector for remote radio head and industrial applications
  • Ruggedised outdoor design with 2 × LC interface
  • Plugs directly into SFP module, compatible with all standard SFP modules
  • Full compensation of positioning tolerances and SFP module tolerances
  • Bayonet, blind-mating mechanism and highest installation safety
  • Full protection of optical interface during installation
  • Access and exchange of SFP module possible
  • RoHs compliant

Mating mechanism

Mating 1-step blind mating bayonet
  mating references visual and latch
Compensation of positioning
tolerances of SFP module
z-axis ± 2.25 mm
  x, y-axis ± 0.4 mm (± 0.6 mm depending on SFP module)
Latching of LC connector use of LC HQ technology automating latching and unlatching
Mating durability IEC 61300-2-2 100 cycles
Force on SFP module   no force in mated state



Technology     LC full ceramic ferrules
Housing material   connector high-performance plastic
    socket die-casting with zinc plating
Material flammability rating     UL 94-V0
Mechanical performance   IEC 61300-2-4 ≤ 400 N tensile load
    IEC 61300-2-42 ≤ 30 N static side load
    IEC 61300-2-5 180° cable torsion, passed
Thermal performance   operation, IEC 61300-2-22 −40 to +85 °C
    installation −40 to +55 °C
Ingress protection   IEC 60529-20 IP67 (mated or with dust cap)
Salt mist  841808683
IEC 61300-2-26, MIL-STD-202G Method 101E
IEC 61300-2-26
192 h
720 h
Vibration   IEC 61300-2-1, MIL-STD-202G, Method 204G passed 10 to 500 Hz/10 g
Shock   IEC 61300-3-3, MIL-STD-202G, Method 213B passed 50 g
UV resistance   ISO 4982-2 passed 2000 h at 2000 MJ/m2


Optical performance

Insertion loss single-mode typ. ≤ 0.20 dB 97 % ≤ 0.45 dB
  multimode typ. ≤ 0.20 dB 97 % ≤ 0.50 dB
Return loss single-mode ≥ 50 dB  

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