BTU - break-out termination unit

BTU - break-out termination unit

The LISA BTU enclosure is a suitable sub-unit for accommodating patch cords, manifold cables or breakout cables such as SMARTLINE or MASTERLINE cables. Pre-terminated and thus factory-tested cable systems allow high fiber count links between the equipment and the passive infrastructure which can be installed on site in a matter of minutes. Breakout cable ends such as SMARTLINE cables can be securely housed in BTUs.

The rack mount slide-out type BTU enables distribution, termination, patching, storage and management in one unit. The BTU supports cross-connect architecture and provides the transmission of the equipment interface in a passive network equipment rack. Each distribution enclosure incorporates a slide-out drawer to allow full frontal access and operation. The distribution enclosures use a fiber guide mechanism which guarantee fiber bend control. Horizontal cable guides are also incorporated on the front of the patch panel to allow the horizontal routing of patch cords. The fiber distribution enclosures can be mounted in standard 19" equipment rack or in the LISA NGR, respectively CDR rack platform.


• Up to 48 adapters, respectively 96 fibers in 2U
• Installation is fully accessible from the front side
• Pull-out drawer to access inner splicing area and patch cord management
• Mandrels ensure the minimum bend radius
• Ready-to-install, pre-assembled with adapters


  • Central offices
  • Areas requiring a cross-connect

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