LISA Ribbon

LISA Ribbon

LISA Ribbon is an easy-to-install fiber management solution with a dedicated breakout box which handles and protects high-density ribbon cables with up to 1728 fibers. With scalability possibilities and flexibility in design, LISA Ribbon is the ideal system for customers connecting data center buildings with ribbon fiber cables. The LISA Ribbon solution is based on the existing LISA cross-connect system which is a solution for customers who want to save installation time and expect a reliable system with an attractive cost/benefit ratio.


  • accommodates different types of ribbon fiber cables with various diameters from different manufacturers
  • allows for flexible positioning of the ribbon breakout box inside the rack (top, bottom, left and right side)
  • saves installation time due to pre-cut conduit tubes
  • enables intuitive and simple management of incoming and outgoing cables
  • saves space inside the data center due to small rack footprint
  • scalable for 900 and 1500 mm rack platforms
  • available in two different rack configurations 900 and 1500 mm, depending on the number of fibers 


Ribbon cross-connect