MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid High Voltage (MLUH HV)

Hybrid-riser cable with compact connector head, high voltage CE marked

The most innovative hybrid cabling system for remote radio installation from HUBER+SUHNER became even more innovative by offering capability to deliver 230 VAC up the mast, allowing much longer cabling with significant cost savings on cables and more efficient power transfer. The pre-connectorised factory-sealed hybrid systems supports up to 12 RRHs and connects the remote radios with easy-to-install Q-ODC fiber optic and power jumpers. The encapsulated connector head can be directly attached to the mast with a single "click" at a pre-mounted adaptor plate. These unique features make MASTERLINE Ultimate Hybrid High Voltage the only in-class product offering all the advantages of the MASTERLINE Ultimate family together with high voltage conformity confirmed by the worldwide recognized CE marking. For extra safety the whole head is protected by removable cover.