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CUBO rack

CUBO rack

The CUBO rack is a carrier grade modular high-density platform that combines multi-protocol transport for Radio Access Networks and metro applications. The Rack Unit offers network operators quick and easy installation and implementation with a wide range of applications including media conversion, transmission protection and performance monitoring all in a compact and flexible design.


  • Multi-protocol transponders from 614 Mbit/s to 10.1 Gbit/s for CPRI, 768 Mbit/s to 6.144 Gbit/s for OBSAI, 1G/10GEthernet.
  • Pluggable high-density transponder modules. Six services per module.
  • Nine transponder slots per chassis (3RU): Fifty-four services per chassis. Max. capacity 540Gbps.
  • Configurable operation mode.
  • 2R or 3R regeneration.
  • Very low latency (<< 1μs).
  • Industrial temperature range compliant chassis (-40° to 65°C).
  • Compact chassis design. Compliant with IEC 60297-2 and ETS 300119-2. Reduced depth.
  • Redundant and modular power supplies. AC and DC. In-service replaceable.
  • System Management via secure Web terminal, EMS, NMS. SNMP/MIB, SDN ready.


  • C-RAN CPRI media (wavelength) conversion
  • Ethernet Media (wavelength) conversion
  • Reach extension (repeater)
  • Transmission protection (Line protection; equipment protection)
  • C-RAN and Ethernet demarcation unit
  • Performance monitoring. (Quality of Service)