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RADOX HPC200 is designed to provide uncooled charging for electric vehicles rated at 200 A and peak charging up to 300 A. Its ergonomic design ensures an easy handling experience for end-users thanks to the lightweight connector, improved cable flexibility and sleek form factor. The system is future-proof as a result of its IP67 protection rating for safety beyond standards, replaceable contacts for extended service life, and the option of a ready-to-use metering system in preparation for future demands.


  • System performance 200 kW at 200 A / 1000V DC, in accordance with IEC requirements
  • 200 A continuous charging without cooling downtime / peak charging up to 300 A
  • Ready-to-use metering system
  • Replaceable contacts for extended service life
  • Offer higher safety with IP67 rating
  • Available with CCS2 interface


  • The entire RADOX HPC portfolio adopt same connector design 
  • Plug and play - Pre-assembled system, including strain relief, cable gland and cable lugs for easy installation. 
  • Easy and quick exchange of cable systems for operators
  • Minimise service and installation costs
  • Safe and easy handling experience


Electric vehicles require fast charging 
  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Special vehicles