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The RADOX HPC500 is the newest generation of the RADOX high power charging portfolio. It is the world’s first cooled charging cable system that enables continuous charging at 500 Amperes in high-temperature environments, while assuring safe and easy handling. The HPC500 cable and connector builds on continuous innovation in cooled cable solutions as well as the extensive field experience from the HPC400 family. The HPC500 is available with both CCS1 and CCS2 interface.


  • System performance 500KW at 500A / 1000V DC, in accordance with UL and IEC requirements
  • 500A continuous charging, even in high-temperature environments (e.g. 50 oC)
  • Ready-to-use metering system
  • Replaceable contacts for extended service life
  • Improved IP67 connector protection 
  • New plug and play 24V DC cooling unit prefilled with coolant to reduces installation time and increased cooling capacity 
  • Further reduce connector weight by 20% 


  • An innovative future-proof solution based on extensive field experience
  • Super-fast charging below 15 minutes (80%)
  • Provide users with safe and easy handling experience
  • Low service and installation costs


Electric vehicles require super-fast charging 
  • Passenger cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Special vehicles

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