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RADOX® EV-C Multi-Core

RADOX® EV-C Multi-Core

RADOX® EV-C Multi-Core cable system has been designed to meet latest high voltage requirements. It  connects auxiliaries such as electric air conditioning, e-compressors, e-power steering, cabin heaters and e-turbos etc., that have been integrated into the vehicle architecture. 


  • Available in 3 main cross sections: 2x6, 4x10 and 2x4 mm²
  • True 360° screen connection
  • High temperature range (−40 °C to 140 °C)
  • IP6K9K and IP67


  • Easy integration into existing high voltage equipment
  • Electromagnetic environments approved
  • Reliability over lifetime in harsh environments
  • Top electrical performance for conductor and shield 
  • Validation according to latest Automotive standards


High voltage applications in electric vehicles:

  • Commercial vehicles (e.g. trucks and buses )
  • Special vehicles
  • Passenger cars

Technical Data

Electrical Data
Voltage rating 2x4 mm², 700V DC
2x6  mm²,  800V DC
4x10 mm², 850V DC
Current carrying capacity 88 A / 105 A / 230 A @ 85°C
Screen resistance < 7 mΩ
Mechanical Data
Cross section Multi-Core: 2x4, 2x6 and 4x10mm²
Environmental Data
Ambient temperature  -40°C to +140°C
IP Rating  IP6K9K / IP67