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RADOX® 9 GKW-AX 3600V MM S multicore

RADOX® 9 GKW-AX 3600V MM S multicore

RADOX® 9 GKW-AX 3600V M are compact, flexible single core power cables, designed for minimum cable weight and diameter. These cables meet the requirements of the modern railway industry. They are halogen free, flame retardant, low smoke and have a low toxicity index. Demands for temperature, abrasion, ozone and oil resistance are also fulfilled. RADOX® 9 GKW-AX 3600V M cables are applicable for installation inside and outside of rolling stock to connect fixed and moving parts in DC and AC applications, especially inverter technology applications.


  • Fully meet the requirements in accordance with EN 50264-3-1, hazard level 4
    • extra low temperature
    • extra oil resistant
    • extra fuel resistance
  • Resistance to ozone and weathering
  • Large product range
  • High screening effectiveness


  • For protected connections of fixed and sporadic moving parts inside and outside of rolling stock. 
  • Guidelines for selections and the installation are described in the standards EN 50355 and EN 50343.


Standard Fire protection on railway vehicles
DIN 5510-2 hazard level 1, 2, 3, 4
EN 45545-2    
GOST 31565 (equivalent to GOST R 53315)    
NF F 16-101 class, category C/F0, int. A1, A2, B/ext. A1, A2, B
UNI CEI 11170-3    

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