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Directional railway inter-carriage antennas for high-throughput data transmission between train carriages which require no manual configuration during train operation. 


  • Throughput speeds of more than 400 Mbit/s
  • Specifically designed radiation pattern provides robust and secure link
  • Once installed, no physical configuration or maintenance is required
  • Norms: Railway EN 50155, Railway EN 45545-2


  • WiFi MIMO 3x3 antenna designed for Railway Inter-carriage communication
  • Directional, linear +/-45° and vertical polarized radiation patterns
  • Narrow beam width and very low directional gain to prevent interference
  • Covers WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/h/n/p/ac, WiFi 5 GHz bands 5.15 up to 5.935 GHz
  • Three connector ports directly on the rear, 3 x QMA jack (straight)

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