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Sucoflex® 100

Sucoflex® 100

GENERAL PURPOSE - High-performance microwave cable assemblies


SUCOFLEX 100 series high end flexible microwave cable assemblies offer superior electrical and mechanical performance for static and dynamic applications. This cable type is ideally suited to test and measurement applications and used in aerospace, defence and medical systems.

  • Applicable in frequencies up to 50GHz
  • Excellent insertion- and return loss
  • Reliable and robust- wide range of products


  • Stable system performance
  • Large product selection for customised applications
  • Long life time - less maintenance costs


  • Test & Measurement
  • Aviation, Space and Defense
  • Medical


Frequency Types Options
Max. Value   Static application Dynamic application A - armor B - armor D - armor E -
PUR jacket
G - armor I -
LSFH jacke
18 GHz SUCOFLEX 118 x x x x x   x x
18 GHz SUCOFLEX 106 x   x x x   x x
26.5 GHz SUCOFLEX 126 x x x x x x x  
26.5 GHz SUCOFLEX 104 x   x x x x x x
33 GHz SUCOFLEX 103 x   x x x x   x
40 GHz SUCOFLEX 102 x   x   x x    
50 GHz SUCOFLEX 101 x   x     x