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Sucoflex® 300

Sucoflex® 300

AEROSPACE GRADE - Lightweight, high-performance cable assemblies


SUCOFLEX 300 assemblies guarantee the highest level of satisfaction, with an up to 50% weight reduction compared to other conventional products. The assembly is designed to meet the stringent requirements of space flight and aerospace systems, making it the go-to for customers looking for lightweight, low-loss flexible microwave cable assemblies.    

  • Applicable in frequencies up to 40GHz
  • Leight weight - reliable and robust
  • Excellent insertion and return loss


  • Lightweight reduces overall system - weight and costs
  • Approved for most sophisticated military aircraft and leading satellite manufacturers
  • Stable system performance


  • Space
  • Aviation
  • Defense


Frequency   Types Options
Max.value     Static application Dynamic applications A - armor B - armor D - armor E - 
PUR jacket
G - armor I - LSFH jacket
8 GHz SUCOFLEX 307 Space x              
18 GHz SUCOFLEX 301 x              
18 GHz SUCOFLEX 304 x       x      
18 GHz SUCOFLEX 304 Space  x              
29 GHz SUCOFLEX 329 x              
40 GHz SUCOFLEX 302 x       x      
40 GHz SUCOFLEX 340 x