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MXP / MXPM - Multicoax Line

MXP / MXPM - Multicoax Line

MULTICOAX FOR PCB APPLICATIONSPrecision multicoax connector lines


The MXP and MXPM connector lines are the perfect fit in a world where performance, speed and density matter. Both lines come with the highly flexible and ultra-stable Multiflex cable as standard, with a compact design which ensures short traces and low losses. An excellent solution for bench-top testing and system testing, as well as for internal cabling in automated test equipment, these Multicoax assemblies combine protection and precision to ensure high quality at low cost.

  • Applicable in frequencies up to 70GHz
  • 1x8 and 2x8 ganged systems - 4 mm pitch (MXP) and 2.54 mm pitch (MXPM) centre-to-centre
  • Cost-efficient PCB socket


  • Highly repeatable S-parameter measurements with minimal impedance variation at the PCB transition
  • The compact design makes MXPM as closely positioned as possible to the DUT/chip to keep traces short and losses low
  • The cost-efficient PCB socket protects expensive PCB material, eliminates imprecise an rough surfaces and greatly reduces architecture expenses


  • Test & Measurement