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Sucoflex® / Sucotest / TL-8A / 30BNC / Minibend

Sucoflex® / Sucotest / TL-8A / 30BNC / Minibend

STANDARD MICROWAVE / RF TEST ASSEMBLIES High-performance microwave cable assemblies


The extensive range of high-quality standard test leads by HUBER+SUHNER are specifically optimised for test and measurement environments. Distinguished by their high-performance and stable characteristics, these test assemblies guarantee a long-lasting, precise and cost-effective solution. HUBER+SUHNER also offers fast delivery on all standard lengths, ensuring timely implementations and responses.

  • Applicable in frequencies up to 70GHz
  • Excellent insertion and return loss
  • Phase- and amplitude stable


  • Stable RF measurements
  • Long life time - lower measurement cost
  • Standard lengths in short delivery time


  • Test & Measurement