ECOC Dublin
ECOC Dublin

As in the former years HUBER+SUHNER will be a part also in 2019 at the ECOC where the latest progress in optical communication technologies will be reported in selected papers, keynotes, presentations and special symposia.


23/9/2019 - 25/9/2019
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SMP-SL (Self-Lock)

SMP-SL (Self-Lock)

HUBER+SUHNER SMP-SL (Self-Lock) is designed to ensure reliable electrical and mechanical performance in even the most extreme Aerospace & Defense environments.The unique and innovative combination of a MIL-STD-348 SMP interface together with a low profile self-locking design provides an integral solution offering with exceptional electrical and mechanical performance.

The locking mechanism has a visual inspection feature to confirm fully mated position and perceptible click when fully mated. SMP-SL connectors can only be de-mated with a dedicated removal tool to eliminate the risk of unintentional de-mating. The connector design retains the small form factor and future proof 40 GHz frequency range of a standard SMP interface per MIL-STD-348. SMP-SL connectors are 30% smaller in size and 66% lower in mass compared to equivalent solutions available in the market.

The initial product portfolio covers the most common applications needs with cable connectors, panel mount, board mount connectors, adaptors and de-mating tools. Cable connectors are available with Space grade light-weight, low loss SUCOFLEX cables, solderless minibend style cables and conformable Semi Rigid cables. The SMP-SL product line has Space Flight heritage and is qualified per MIL-STD-39012.


  • Designed to meet and exceed the stringent requirements of defense and space applications retaining the durability of a threaded connector
  • Retains the small form factor of a standard SMP interface per MIL-STD-348
  • 66% lower mass than equivalent solution in market
  • Colored locking ring provides a visual inspection point
  • Single audible click when locking mechanism is engaged
  • Locking feature does not limit freedom of SMP interface to float axially and radially
  • Can only be de-mated with a removing / de-mating tool (also supplied by HUBER+SUHNER)


  • Flight ready push-on connector operating up to Ka-band (40 GHz)
  • The small foot print allows to increase connector density installations
  • Lower mass connectors and smaller connector envelop  translate on more efficient systems
  • No tools needed to verify mated state
  • Greatly reduces the installation time
  • No lateral movement @ >250 lbf retention strength
  • The need for a removing tool prevents accidental de-mated connectors.


  • Space
  • Defense

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