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Ex entry devices for coaxial RF lines

Ex entry devices for coaxial RF lines

HUBER+SUHNER Ex entry devices are approved for use in in potentially explosive atmosphere or hazardous locations and areas of Zone 1 (gas) and Zone 21 (dust) and for coaxial cabling/interconnection with Ex-d enclosures. These products are of specific interest where an active access point is placed within an Ex certified enclosure, which needs to be connected with an antenna (Ex-i or in an housing). Different cable connectors in combination with the appropriate cable allow maximum flexibility in routing cables at highest possible performance and lowest possible losses.

Product details

Item number HUBER+SUHNER type Connector Bulkhead thread
85073619 9097.00.ED01-M18 N(f) to SMA(f) M18
85073722 9097.00.ED01-3/8 N(f) to SMA(f) NPT 3/8 inch
85073708 9097.00.ED02-M18 TNC(f) to SMA(f) M18x1.5
85073727 9097.00.ED02-3/8 TNC(f) to SMA(f) NPT 3/8 inch