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Direct GPS-over-Fiber

Direct GPS-over-Fiber

Direct GPSoF enables a fiber optic connection directly into an antenna - delivering the world’s first “truly copperless” link.

The use of Power-over-Fiber perfectly addresses power delivery constraints in Remote Antenna applications by eliminating the need for external power to the antenna (outdoor) unit. This is ideal for applications that have limited power resources such as rooftop installations. Using Power-over-Fiber also saves time and money in environments that may hindered by the installation of conductive cable - which is typical when extending the supply of power to the installation areas.


  • Reduces the amount of hardware required in a link as core functionality is integrated into the antenna radome). Also significantly reduces the cable footprint of the link.
  • Uses HUBER+SUHNER’s Q-ODC fiber optic interface – which is perfect for outdoor / harsh environment use.
  • Employs laser safety features that are compliant with all IEC standards.
  • Is easy to install. Plug-and-Play.
  • Supports link distances of up to 10km.
  • Unlimited flexibility in signal distribution.



  • Small Cells
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Aerospace shelter applications