HUBER+SUHNER GPSoF modules are focused on distributing a single GPS signal into multiple receiver systems. This approach ensures that signal data, such as time synchronization into separate, yet connected, systems is always the same. Standard GPSoF systems include both single and multiport solutions; and accommodate both L1 and L2 bands.

In addition to the GPSoF modules, HUBER+SUHNER also provides a Time and Frequency Standard (TFS) module. This module uses 1PPS to ensure that time synchronization is still possible in the event of a loss of GPS signal. The pulse is synchronized to the average of the GPS signal. The module also provides a 10 MHz electrical output, which is used for reference signaling. The small form factor of the GPSoF modules ensures that the systems are ideal for both fixed and mobile applications, where space may be limited.

Product portfolio

GPS-over-Fiber (GPSoF)
L1 GPSoF1 (TX) 85065409
  GPSoF1 (RX) 85065397
  GPSoF4 (RX) 85065809
L1+L2 GPSoF1 (TX) 85072905
  GPSoF1 (RX) 85072906
  GPSoF4 (RX) 85072907
GPS Antennas
L1-Low GPS Antenna 85073713
L1-LHigh GPS Antenna 85073712
L1+L2 GPS Antenna 85073714
Time & Frequency Standard (TFS)
1PPS & 10 MHz TFS1.10 85072918

Additional Information