RADOX®125 - Offshore

  • Masterclass

    Highly flexible single core cable for Offshore applications. Due to the concentric stranded conductor design RADOX® 125 is easy to process and strip. This leads to enormous savings in installation costs and thus to a reduction in the related overheads.

  • Used for

    For internal wiring in electrical equipment, heating appliances, sensors, switchboards and control panels or distribution boxes in automation, especially suitable for the connection of motors windings, magnets and transformer. Used for protected and fixed laying in tubes, surface cabling, direct in plaster or underneath it, as well as in cable conduits.

  • High safety conformity

    RADOX® 125 complies with the latest CPR regulation and meets B2ca - s1a - d2 - a1 standard. The unique product fulfills not only these high requirements, but also DNV Approval.

    Visit RADOX® 125 product page for further technical information.

  • Easy installing & stripping

    Reduce installation time and lower costs

    Thanks to the increased temperature resistance, RADOX 125 can either be loaded with higher current or use smaller cross-section with lower bending radius.

  • Compatibility and resistance

    EX-d proven

    The extremely durable jacket material of RADOX 125 provides high resistance against high and low temperature and proven compatibility to epoxy resin.

  • E-beam cross-linked sheath

    E-beam cross-linked sheath

    RADOX® material has 8 times the life of conventional compounds. Also at higher temperature load of the conductor, the insulation does not quickly become brittle breakage and must be replaced.

  • Switch cabinet manufacturer

    Products for switch cabinets must meet certain standards and have special properties. RADOX 125 is highly flexible, halogen-free, flame retardant, temperature resistant and has an increased lifetime.
  • EX-d equipment suppliers

    RADOX 125 can be used for internal wiring of equipment, devices and systems. It offers concentric wires and uniform wall thickness, ensuring simple stripping and high flexibility.
  • Platform installation

    Especially in the Offshore platform installation, high reliability and quality are pre-requisites. RADOX 125 is halogen free and flame retardant and meets the highest safety level in case of fire.
Master class in stripping performance

Master class in stripping performance

Komax is one of the pioneers of stripping machine manufacturing. They have tested RADOX 125 extensively and proved that the stripping performance is best in class.
Line bushing - Recommended by equipment supplier

Line bushing - Recommended by equipment supplier

Electrical components and connections for Ex-proof applications must always meet the highest requirements. Find out why Quintex, a leading company for line bushing, relies on our RADOX 125.


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