Power2Drive Europe Conference
Power2Drive Europe Conference
Power2Drive Europe is the international exhibition for charging infrastructure and e-mobility, which is an ideal meeting point for the new mobility and energy world. The exhibition shines the spotlight on charging systems, electric vehicles, traction batteries as well as mobility services.
14/6/2023 - 16/6/2023
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About Plating
Since 1980, HUBER+SUHNER has been refining mass-produced parts for radio frequency connectors in the company's own electroplating shop in Herisau.
HUBER+SUHNER AG has one of the most modern electroplating plants in the world, the electroplating plant, which was built in 2003. Two fully automatic electroplating machines, in which drums, racks and vibratory baskets are used, enable the optimal finishing of even extremely sensitive and complex parts according to requirements. Article-specific production allows you to assign all relevant parameters to the article. All important chemicals and additives are automatically dosed and the working positions from cleaning and metal separation to post-treatment are regularly analyzed according to a precisely defined plan.
Some of the capacities are also available for external customers. With our fully automated small parts warehouse, we dispose of controlled processes along the entire logistic chain from plating to on-time delivery.

Quality & Environmental Management

We are committed to our motto Quality First and have embraced the path of continuous improvement. Our electroplating laboratory department optimizes existing processes and develops new processes. We understand quality in a comprehensive sense and strive for top quality of all our processes and services. The measurement of lead time, adherence to deadlines and other key figures is recorded fully automatically and all relevant processes are monitored with SPC. All critical components in the process baths are dosed on-line and analyzed at regular intervals using the latest methods. A comprehensive range of equipment is available to monitor product quality. From the salt spray test chamber to the measurement of solderability. We take responsibility for the environment and the health of our employees, customers and the general public. We are aware that natural and artificial resources are limited. This is why we optimize our processes in such a way that they make the best possible use of resources and produce as little waste as possible. We consistently implement ISO 14001.


Our motto is Quality First. We have internalized the process of continuous improvement. Therefore, an optimal control of all our processes along the logistics chain is very important. For this reason, we have been using barcodes for decades. Motivated and well-trained employees and a very high degree of automation form the basis for optimum process control. Our focus is on the customer. We cultivate a partnership with our customers based on trust, honesty and transparency.

LEAN Production – 5S is alive

In 2013, the Lean Initiative started with the implementation of 5S in electroplating. 5S is already established and has become an integral part of our processes. All areas have been cleared out, tidied up, cleaned and are based on standardized processes. With internal audits by the head of department, we regularly check whether the 5S method is implemented and put into practice. Based on the success of the first phase, the implementation of the next steps - shop floor management (workshop control) and kaizen (continuous improvement) - was started. The goal of Shopfloor Management (SFM) is to continuously improve production processes at the place of value creation through the presence and active cooperation of local managers. Thanks to this efficient form of management, deviations from the standard can be detected immediately and, thanks to short decision-making paths, necessary adjustments can be implemented quickly. Kaizen or continuous improvement is about striving for perfection, which suits us Swiss people particularly well in terms of the cliché. Lean thinking is not new to us, but today we Platings
SUCOPRO plating consists of a thin layer of gold plating over an electrolytically applied nickel-phosphorus underlayer. In addition to offering equivalent or better functionality than conventional gold plating, the different gold layer thicknesses make it significantly cheaper to produce and represent a major cost advantage. The impressive properties of SUCOPRO plating include exceptional wear resistance and solderability, good crimping suitability as well as low and stable contact resistance.
SUCOPLATE consists of a copper-tin-zinc alloy and offers beneficial electrical properties, good corrosion protection and an attractive appearance. Hardness of 600 to 700 HV as well as good abrasion resistance and ductility prevent damage even under mechanical stress from friction or bending. Its high electrical conductivity and low coefficient of friction ensure good electrical contact. The non-magnetic alloy also offers low attenuation at high frequencies.

SUCODUR plating is an electrolytically deposited nickel-phosphorus layer with a minimum 10.5% phosphorus content. It has similar physical properties to electroless nickel plating, and offers good wear and corrosion resistance. Plate hardness is between 600 and 1000 HV. This plating is ideal for components that require constant contact resistance and optimum corrosion resistance.

Gold is an extremely robust precious metal which is resistant to both acids and alkalis. Although one of the most expensive metals, its properties make it an indispensable precious metal for electronics and many other applications. This plating offers exceptional electric properties and is widely used in the radio frequency range in particular.

In addition to being an exceptional contact material, this shiny precious metal is also used for many other applications.
Nickel has good mechanical and corrosion-resistance properties. Nickel is a contact allergen. SUCOPLATE® is a good alternative.

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