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LISA chassis 1-3 U for 19” transition applications

LISA chassis 1-3 U for 19” transition applications

Within the LISA portfolio, HUBER+SUHNER offers chassis for 19” applications which allow LISA cassettes to be integrated into 19" equipment distribution racks. Flexible mounting options at the rear of this LISA chassis enable quick cable fixation and protect the incoming cables. Patch cords are routed from the front side of the chassis. Depending on the application, they can either be guided to the rear of the rack around the vertical rail or vertically upwards or downwards along the rail.

The LISA chassis have a lockable steel door which keeps the connections secure. This feature is particularly beneficial in colocation areas where multiple subscribers occupy the same rack space.


  • Designed for applications in 19" equipment distribution racks
  • Height: 1 U, 2 U, 3 U
  • Maximum 2 LISA cassettes per 1 U
  • Black or grey


  • Top-of-Rack (ToR)
  • Transition, splitting, WDM

Additional Information

LISA chassis for 19" 1 U 84138128
LISA chassis for 19" 2 U 84138122
LISA chassis for 19" 3 U 84138119