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Splice enclosures

Splice enclosures

Many of the above shown multiplexing configurations are available in splice enclosures. We provide either the fully assembled enclosure ready for installation or the trays with muxes to be integrated on site in your enclosure. This is available for a wide range of enclosure brands on the market.


• Miniature WDM qualified for damp heat, temperature cycles, shock and vibration in accordance with Telcordia GR1221 uncontrolled environment standard and the GR1209 moisture cycling standard
• Multiplies capacity of point-to-point links within existing hand hole, pole pod or curb-side cabinet nodes
• Splice trays delivered ready for mounting and splicing
• Integrates WDM into a variety of major brands of infrastructure equipment such as 3M and others
• Fully RoHS compliant

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Customer Service
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