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SMP-SL (Self-Lock)

SMP-SL (Self-Lock)

HUBER+SUHNER SMP Self-Lock offers two versions: The SMP-SL Space, designed for harsh and mission-critical environments, meeting the challenging requirements of the defense and space flight industry for applications up to 40 GHz. The SMP-SL Industrialised, a cost effective and robust solution which provides dependable connectivity for the aerospace, defense and the industrial market.

The simple push-on connectors save on installation time and have a visual inspection feature to verify proper mating state. HUBER+SUHNER SMP-SL connectors have been developed specifically to avoid accidental de-mating and require a de-mating tool. The connectors have a small foot print and are light-weight. They are designed to be shock and vibration resistant and qualified per MIL-STD for space and defense.  

The initial portfolio includes cable connectors, adaptors, panel mounts, board mount connectors and tools.


  • Operation frequency up to 40 GHz
  • Flight ready push-on connector 
  • Visual inspection feature to verify full mated position
  • Shock and vibration resistant 
  • MIL-STD qualified for space and defense 
  • Same foot print as SMP connectors
  • 50% lower weight than other self-locking options


  • Space 
  • Defense
  • Industrial

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