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17/9/2019 - 18/9/2019
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CDR 1200mm wide

CDR 1200mm wide

The CDR 1200 is designed as a dedicated "patching rack" and is configured by adding a 300 mm wide cable over-length rack to the left hand side of a standard 900 mm rack. The CDR 1200 is configured so that an equal amount of cable management is provided on both sides of the rack. The 1200 mm wide rack is better suited for patching applications with standard connectivity (patch cords or fan-outs) or 40G and 100G applications where MTP connectivity is required.


• Only 300 mm deep and completely front-accessible
• Lightweight 2-post design for improved access to cables
• Available as 900 mm or 1200 mm wide variants
• Up to 1620 duplex LC ports per 47U 900 mm cabinet
• Up to 1080 MPO ports per 47U 1200 mm cabinet
• Integrated cable over-length management
• Perforated doors to match nearby equipment cabinets
• Quick release doors without tools
• Mount against an unused wall or at the end of row or
• Back-to-back mount on a single floor tile of 600 mm
• Large apertures for all cable types, sizes and quantities
• Fast installation of sub-racks from the front side
• Easy mounting of sub-racks with unit position number strips
• Side by side mounting with clear cable routing

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