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The broadcast and media sector continues to place increasingly larger demands on the network infrastructure manufacturers, particularly as high quality digital media content becomes very much the norm. Flexibility is critical to broadcasters. Total reliability is crucial for content on demand and specially for live events. Delays or downtime are not accepted by the audience.
To handle the subscriber management, the thriving streaming and download business, satellite and terrestrial broadcast as well as other media organizations’ needs, it is required a wide range of connectivity options, to  cover from the high density equipment rooms to the outdoor and harsh environments. Safe connections wired and wireless ensure the ability to securely store, archive and then offer instant access to vast amounts of content from anywhere in the world, at any time of day for large numbers of viewers.
The trend of larger digital files will only continue as video quality moves from standard HD to 4K and 8K ultra HD and beyond. This creates unprecedented need of upgradeable high speed networks that can be quickly expanded as demand increases. These networks must be ready to transfer massive amounts of data around the planet now, as well as when new technologies arise and popularize.
HUBER+SUHNER supports the Broadcast industry with high quality solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, whether the need is for optical systems or for radio frequency technology. Always having the best connections in mind to bridge the gap between broadcast and broadband.

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