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Social performance

HUBER+SUHNER is committed to conducting its business in accordance with high ethical standards, integrity and compliance with applicable rules. In the communities where its premises are located the company behaves like a good corporate citizen (see the Sustainability Report 2019 for community involvement and development projects). The way in which HUBER+SUHNER assumes responsibility for its employees is laid out in the Business and Ethics Code. The employees are the stakeholder group that receives by far the highest share of the added value the company generates.

The added value is a measure of the economic performance of a company. It is calculated from profit before tax and depreciation plus personnel costs minus other financial results. The distribution calculation reveals the extent to which the added value flows to the various stakeholders of the company or is retained within the company. In 2019, added value amounted to CHF 385.6 million and remaining almost constant at the previous year’s level despite lower sales.

72 % of the global added value flowed directly or indirectly to employees, 4 % to the public sector in the form of income taxes. Subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting (1 April 2020), shareholders will receive 8 %, while 16 % remain in the company in the form of depreciation and retained earnings.

Added value distribution 2019

Added value distribution