EuCAP 2023
EuCAP 2023
At EuCAP 2023 confernece, Alejandro Tejero Garcia Technical Lead Engineer in Antennas at HUBER+SUHNER will speak about High-Efficiency Injection-Molded Waveguide Horn Antenna Array for 76-81 GHz for Automotive Radar Applications.
26/3/2023 - 31/3/2023

RADOX® High power charging system

RADOX® High power charging system
The number of DC fast-charging stations along the highways and in cities has been increasing dramatically. Being the leader in high power charging market, HUBER+SUHNER has the largest number of installed cooled high power charging (HPC) systems in the world. It keeps developing innovative solutions based on the vast field experience to meet demanding market requirements. 

The RADOX HPC portfolio includes RADOX HPC500 and RADOX HPC200, which is designed for charging stations with an output of 50 kW up to 500 kW. The RADOX HPC system is a complete charging cable system including cooled/uncooled cable, connector and cooling system (RADOX HPC 500).

RADOX HPC500 - continuous charging at 500 A

The RADOX HPC500 is designed for charging stations with an output of 150 kW up to 500 kW. In addition to the cooled cable system, HUBER+SUHNER has also developed a new 24 V cooling unit to increase the cooling capacity and reduce the operating temperatures of the power lines. This enables a continuous 500 A charge at ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C. 

Furthermore, the RADOX HPC500 is designed with the integrated readiness for metering, these new features together make it a future-proof solution for infrastructure manufacturers and charging station operators.  The RADOX HPC500 is available with Combined Charging System (CCS) type-1 (USA, Canada) and type-2 connectors (Europe), as well as with individual customer design and labelling.

The RADOX HPC200 shares the same design and features from RADOX HPC500. It provides continuous uncooled charging for electric vehicles rated at 200 A and peak charging up to 300 A. The HPC200 is ideal for use in cities, highways, hotels, shopping malls and fleet charging stations. Initially, the HPC200 is available with the CCS2 interface.

Super-fast charging Easy handling Easy maintenance

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