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LANline Tech Forum 2023
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26/9/2023 - 27/9/2023

Signal Transmission

Signal Transmission
RADOX®  wiring has been developed to meet the increasing demand for reliable, high quality signal transmission between various sensors and the control system.

Thanks to the characteristic properties of RADOX® these cables can be used in areas where temperatures may even briefly exceed 150 °C.

Find the advantages of RADOX® materials here.

Application areas
   Single core    Multi core
  • Engine wiring
  • Fan motors
  • Signal wiring
  • LED lights wiring
  • Seat belt wiring
  • In-battery wiring
  • Engine wiring
  • Signal wiring
  • Transmission wiring (for example; oil resistance combo ETFE core with RADOX® REMS jacket)

  • High electrical properties even at elevated temperature
  • Protection from external influences
  • Functional integrity in rough environment

Features & Benefits
  • Wide range of single core 155SFLR and possibility customisation to multicore solutions
  • Concentric symmetrical and round construction of core wire in Type A and Type B version
  • Copper and tinned plated versions for different cross sections
  • According LV112 and ISO6722 thin wall requirements
  • Electron-beam crosslinking RADOX® cable technology for best mechanical (abrasion) , electrical and environmental (moisture, battery acid and brake fluid, AdBlue, petrol, gasoline, diesel, various oils, engine coolant, ozone and weather influences and windscreen cleaner) performance
  • Temperature range -40 to 150 °C (3000h)
  • Best performance in
    • Abrasion resistance including wire to wire abrasion
    • ARC Tracking
    • Hydrolysis behaviour
    • Liquid environmental testing etc.
  • No brushing effect of the strands due to optimised copper wire lay length
  • No shrinking of the RADOX® insulation material at higher temperature
  • ECE R118 approved solutions available
  • UL94 V0 proved
  • Approved at several ww OEMs; VW, Daimler Mercedes, Ford, GM, JLR etc

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