Expo Ferroviaria
Expo Ferroviaria
EXPO Ferroviaria covers all aspects of railway technology. It provides a showcase for manufacturers in the major fields of rolling stock technology, track and infrastructure and signalling and communications.
3/10/2023 - 5/10/2023

Control center, stations & depots

Control center, stations & depots
A large number of networks are being built in stations, train depots and control centers to provide a service for various applications:
  • Mobile communication for passengers
  • Wi-Fi for passengers
  • Wi-Fi for staff: This allows the exchange of all operative data required by the rail network operator and staff, for example for ticket machines or mobile devices for inspectors.
  • Data download from and to the train: Transfer of all operative data from and to the train that is required by the rail network operator and train staff, for example regular data downloads in shunting yards or stations or CCTV data.
  • Data transfer control center: Data connection to and from devices in the station, for example ticket machines or passenger displays.
Application areas
  1. Establishment of networks inside buildings and stations
  2. Establishment of control centers

1. Establishment of networks inside buildings and stations
Generally multiple networks are established:

Using cellular networks: in-building coverage / distributed antenna systems
Most passengers also expect a stable cellular network for using their mobile phones and surfing the net in busy areas such as stations. Using in-building coverage and distributed antenna systems, cellular network operators establish these networks inside stations to provide a stable broadband connection.

HUBER+SUHNER can also provide an extensive range of connectivity solutions for such Connectivity solutions.

Some mobile communication providers provide their own Wi-Fi hotspots for passengers in stations. This increases bandwidth and also enables stable networks to be provided. At the same time, rail network operators are building their own wireless networks to ensure operative mobile data communication.

Wired networks
Devices such as video surveillance cameras, passenger information displays or ticketing machines in stations need to be connected to the operator’s optical communication network. Depending on the chosen network architecture, a variety of optical components is used to interface these devices and these are part of the HUBER+SUHNER product portfolio.

2. Establishment of control centers
In general train operators set up different types of control centers:

Control centers for train stations and mission-critical infrastructure equipment:
In this case, data from remote devices located in train stations or along the track is collected at the control center. This allows personal control to monitor the status of equipment such as ticket machines, passenger counting systems, power sub stations, air conditioning systems in sub stations, level crossings, and much more.

Control centers for traffic management and supervision
These control rooms monitor and supervise the train traffic on a given line or an entire network of lines. They enable the continuous implementation of adaptive measures in order to cope with the actual operation conditions.

HUBER+SUHNER offers connectivity solutions for the equipment rooms of these control centers. fiber optic and copper components are the primary choices for data transmission in these cases.

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