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RF cables

RF Cables
HUBER+SUHNER develops and produces coaxial cables for a wide range of applications all over the world according to international standards. Many years of experience and in-house manufacturing combine to produce a portfolio of components adapted perfectly to one another. Continuous further development ensures that the products are perfectly aligned with market requirements and incorporate the latest technology. An innovative development department with in-house test laboratories can react quickly to changing market trends and even develop customer-specific solutions.

In addition to individual customer solutions, the portfolio includes the following product groups:


G - Standard PE coax cables

HUBER+SUHNER STANDARD PE coax cables provide a wide range of 50 and 75 Ohm, as well as single and double shielded cable types. Apart from different constructions and materials which are available out of this portfolio, a solid extruded Polyethylene is used as dielectric material. HUBER+SUHNER’s quality standards and its process knowledge guarantee excellent electrical performances, especially for return loss.

Features and benefits:
  • Standard RG coaxial cables according MIL-C-17
  • High precision types
  • Halogen free and flame retardant cable types
  • Excellent return loss performance

GX - Cross linked PE coax cables

HUBER+SUHNER CROSS-LINKED PE coax cables cover an extended temperature range up to 105°C and fulfill highest quality requirements. The cross-linking technology allows a huge variety of application which are focused on demanding environmental requirements. HUBER+SUHNER RADOX ® jacket materials provide a unique level of flame retardancy, is very low smoke and free of halogen.

Features and benefits:
  • High temperature due to cross-linking
  • HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® jacket materials
  • Great flame retardancy
  • Low smoke and halogen free

S - Low loss coaxial cables

HUBER+SUHNER Low Loss coaxial cables with foamed PE dielectric have been carefully designed for excellent electrical performance focusing on low loss, high velocity, high power and low VSWR. These flexible coaxial cables feature greatly improved cable bending characteristics, which make them ideal for use in limited spaces and where multiple bends are required. Ideal for use in critical antenna system applications.

Features and benefits:
  • Low loss & low attenuation
  • Excellent return loss (VSWR)
  • Halogen free types
  • High flexibility


HUBER+SUHNER Low Loss coax cables with tape have the advantage of a very high screening effectiveness which is higher than 90dB up to 6 GHz. Apart from that, these cables provide low attenuation and an excellent return loss (VSWR). Halogen free, low smoke and flame retardant cable types complete this product family.

Features and benefits:
  • Low loss & low attenuation
  • High screening effectiveness
  • Non-halogen, low smoke and flame resistant types
  • Excellent return loss (VSWR)

SPUMA - The flexible low loss standard

The SPUMA product family flexible and halogen free cable types and stands for its extremely low loss. With a screening effectiveness >90dB over the whole operating frequency range, as well as a tight bending radius, is a wide application range covered. These cables offer excellent electrical performance, especially an outstanding return loss (VSWR).

SPUMA cables are designed for applications up to 6 GHz and offer great opportunities in Applications like Industrial, Railway, Defence and Communication.

Features and benefits:
  • Very low loss up to 6 GHz
  • High screening effectiveness
  • Non-halogen, low smoke and flame resistant types
  • Excellent return loss (VSWR)

SX - Cross linked low loss coax cables

HUBER+SUHNER cross-linking technology in combination with low loss dielectrics makes this product portfolio outstanding. Cross-linking allows the maximum application temperature of polyethylene to be increased from +80 °C to +105 °C. This extended range covers most applications. It allows operation in a higher power range and connectors with soldered inner conductors can be easily applied.

Features and benefits:
  • Low loss & low attenuation
  • High temperature due to cross-linking
  • HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® jacket materials
  • High flame retardancy
  • Low smoke and free of halogen


The ENVIROFLEX cable family enables users to quickly switch from fluorine-containing cables to halogen-free alternatives. The materials used in the cable design - both for the dielectric and for the jacket - do not include any fluorine-consisting plastics. The dimensions of the individual cable types are entirely compatible with the international RG standards. Standard connectors can be used without any restrictions with the ENVIROFLEX cable family. HUBER+SUHNER's control of various key technologies has proven to be an invaluable advantage.

Features and benefits:
  • Halogen free RG replacement
  • UL recognized cable portfolio
  • HUBER+SUHNER RADOX® jacket materials
  • Low smoke & high flame retardancy

K - High temperature coax cables

HUBER+SUHNER HIGH TEMPERATURE coax cables are designed for applications up to 200°C, depending on the material selection of the cable. Cable types out of this portfolio provide lowest loss especially at high frequency thanks to PTFE dielectric material.

Features and benefits:
  • Standard RG coaxial cables according MIL-C-17
  • High temperature
  • High power applications
  • PTFE/PFA/FEP based dielectric

Low noise coax & triax cables

HUBER+SUHNER LOW NOISE coax and LOW NOISE TRIAX cables are developed for sophisticated signal measurements. The low noise technology with semi-conductive layer for the transmission of weak analogue sensor signals, mostly of high impedance, are used in various applications.

Features and Benefits
  • Noise level reduction
  • Low noise TRIAX types


  • Low signal test and measurement
  • Medical techniques
  • Vibration measurement techniques
  • Precision weighting

TRIAX cables

HUBER+SUHNER TRIAX cables consist of an additional outer conductor which is usually used for power supply or grounding purposes of any devices. Apart from that, the extra outer conductor represents a second shielding layer and increases the shielding effectiveness.

Features and Benefits
  • Designed for powered devices & sensor applications
  • High screening effectiveness
  • PE based dielectric

SUCOFEED - Corrugated coaxial cables

SUCOFEED product range of foam corrugated coaxial cables with suitable stripping tools and connectors has excellent electrical, mechanical and climatic properties for indoor as well as for outdoor installations.

All sizes of these corrugated coaxial cables are available either as raw cable or ready-to-use cable assembly. SUCOFEED products are the perfect solution for reliable applications exposed to severe and variable environmental conditions.

The comprehensive SUCOFEED portfolio matches optimally all kind of links between transceiver / receiver and antenna systems:
  • corrugated coaxial cables (from 1/4" HF up to 1-5/8")
  • with outer conductor in copper or aluminium
  • customized jumper cables and ready-to-use assemblies
  • coaxial connectors of the QUICK-FIT series
  • lightning protectors with QUICK-FIT cable entries
  • user-friendly grounding kits in straight and parallel version

    Assembly Video QUICK-FIT 1 5/8” und 1 ¼”

SEMI-RIGID microwave cables

The semi-rigid cable is unique due to its easily bent-to-finished shape which still maintains its set after bending. This property makes it ideal for the use with automated bending equipment as well as a hand-forming by bending tools. The range covers hundreds of proven applications which include: low-noise amplifiers, a full range of microwave components, aeronautical and space applications and a variety of high-performance laboratory instrumentation. The cables feature outstanding electrical characteristics, particularly an impedance tolerance.


  • Excellent electrical performance: impedance tolerance as low as 0.5 Ohm; minimum VSWR, smooth attenuation vs. frequency curve; minimum change in impedance and attenuation
  • Easy to form, strip and solder, making for convenient installation
  • Small sizes permit the use in high-density areas
  • MIL-C-17 qualified

SUCOFORM Microwave cables

SUCOFORM microwave coaxial cables offer distinct mechanical advantages over semi-rigid cables. They are based on the same design as the standard PTFE-insulated semi-rigid cables, but have a tin-soaked copper braid for the outer conductor, giving them outstanding hand formability. These cables combine the excellent characteristics of semi-rigid cables with those of flexible coaxial cables. Thanks to their small bending radii, they allow space-saving routing and packaging.


  • Excellent properties: low loss, high screening effectiveness, high operating frequency, high temperature range
  • Due to the high phase stability over every production run, SUCOFORM is especially suitable for delay lines
  • Good flexibility: easy handforming without tooling; fits into the smallest systems
  • Comprehensive connector range; use of standard semi-rigid connectors
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Available in long lengths and various versions

MULTIFLEX - the flexible alternative to SEMI-RIGID

MULTIFLEX microwave cables are the flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables. They are used in commercial and military RF and microwave airborne systems, satellite ground systems, communication systems, cellular base stations as well as in test + measurement applications.

Features and benefits
  • Comparable electrical performance as corresponding semi-rigid cable types
  • High flexibility - no 3D drawings required for design and manufacture
  • High screening effectiveness
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils, lubricants, humidity, etc.

S-series - economical low loss microwave cables

S-SERIES is a line of cost-efficient, low-loss microwave cables. It covers technically demanding requirements in a wide range of applications, preferably in fixed installations. These versatile cables are characterized by their very low insertion loss across a wide frequency range.
S-SERIES cables are easy to assemble and are made of environmentally friendly, halogen free materials.

Features and benefits
  • Low loss across a wide frequency range
  • Excellent screening effectiveness
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and easy to assemble

EACON - Field mountable microwave cable

To suit to the needs of our customers, HUBER+SUHNER has developed this innovative solution. EACON stands for a simple, flexible and fast way to assemble microwave cables and connectors in the field without compromises to the best performance. The new field mountable microwave cables and connectors are light and waterproofed, built for frequencies up to 18 GHz – ready for use in the defence market as well as generally in the industrial market.

  • Waterproof IP 68
  • Low loss
  • Usable up to 18 GHz
  • Extremely reliable
  • Assembling tool kit available
  • SMA, N, TNC connector
  • Easy assembling - only two connector parts
  • Field mountable
  • Taking on site decision regarding length and configurations
  • Narrowest cable feedthrough dimensions (assembling after installation)