Die Fiberdays sind die perfekte Kombination aus Ausstellung, Kongress, Seminaren und Networking. 
5/3/2020 - 6/3/2020
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Company Sustainability


The HUBER+SUHNER Group places high priority on environmental protection and sustainability. Our corporate culture is characterised by its long-term orientation and holistic approach. Our ethical business practices are set down in our business and ethics code and apply internationally. Honesty, fairness, respect and full awareness of our social responsibility – this is what we base our activities on in all countries and cultures where we do business.
We use natural resources carefully, and make sure to keep our CO2 footprint – created mostly through production and logistics – as small as possible. We use a systematic quality and environmental management system that ensures all international standards are adhered to.
Social responsibility at HUBER+SUHNER
The management team at HUBER+SUHNER Group is aware of the company’s social responsibility throughout the company in its locations worldwide. The business and ethics code outlines the company’s ethical conduct which we expect to be shared by every employee worldwide. In order to align these values of social responsibility more closely with the company’s day-today business, a project team was formed in 2018 to develop a dedicated concept. Based on the Guidance on social responsibility (ISO 26000:2010), the project team initially identified 16 issues that are relevant and significant for HUBER+SUHNER to influence and make a meaningful impact. Second to that, key performance indicators were defined for each of these issues in order to measure progress in each area of social responsibility. After a trial phase of data collection, medium-term performance targets will be set so that progress can be tracked.