About us

At HUBER+SUHNER it is all about connections. 

Connections between people, places, and networks. We help our customers making strong and reliable connections happen by transporting data and power in networks.

This way people can stay in touch with other, be mobile, feel safe, and are able to contribute to a more sustainable world.

Our headquarters in Herisau, Switzerland

With our vision Connecting – today and beyond, we link the ambition to serve both the needs of people to stay connected and at the same time to help shaping the future with innovative solutions. Every day, approximately 4,500 employees in around forty locations worldwide work to keep this promise. Together, we serve our three main markets of industry, communication, and transportation with applications from three technologies: radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency.

Being headquartered in Herisau, Switzerland, we develop and produce products and solutions that excel in performance, quality, reliability and long service lives – even under the most demanding conditions. Through a global production network, combined with subsidiaries and representations in more than eighty countries, we are close to our customers worldwide. We design and create the hidden, yet critical pieces that keep our customers' networks running. This way we help people connecting with each other. 

What guides us        

What we strive for  

Who we are                


Sustainability is a continuous journey on which we improve our economic performance, adapt our business and optimize the efficiency of production processes. This is vital when addressing the challenges which society is confronted with: climate change, armed conflicts between countries, humanitarian crises as well as equal opportunities and gender equality. It is part of the sustainability of HUBER+SUHNER to make its contribution to a better world.

With its products, the Group improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall value chain and supports innovations that contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our global presence

With over 50+ locations around the world, we are committed to fit the needs of any global markets.