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As laid out in our Code of Responsible Business Conduct, HUBER+SUHNER is committed to conduct business responsibly. This means that we live up to our values and leadership principles, adhere to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, are reliable and honest towards all our stakeholders, care for the health, safety and well-being of our employees, and get involved and contribute to the development of our neighbouring communities globally. This commitment was extended to our entire supply chain with the implementation of our Supplier Code of Conduct in 2022. 

We want to offer external stakeholders the possibility to report any non-compliant or non-ethical behaviour that might violate the HUBER+SUHNER Code of Responsible Business Conduct or the HUBER+SUHNER Supplier Code of Conduct or any underlying business or ethics principles. 

Through the independent and secure SpeakUp® service that is accessible around the clock in several languages, online or by phone, any person may report any misconduct anonymously. Please also consult the SpeakUp "How to report" and the "HUBER+SUHNER SpeakUp Guidelines for External Stakeholders” for further details. 

How to report a misconduct: 

You can submit a report using the SpeakUp App, the SpeakUp Web or the SpeakUp phone (local phone access numbers are listed below). For further guidance, please consult the "SpeakUp Guidelines for External Stakeholders" and the "SpeakUp How to report" guidelines and follow the indications below. You can expect to hear back within one week after submitting your report.

Download the SpeakUp App

Report via the SpeakUp App

1. Open the App; 2. Click on "Set up your Pin" and enter a six digit personal code; 3. Connect to your organisation by scanning the QR code (left) or entering the organisation code: 106173

Submit a report via website: Please select "submit a report" via below link using the indicated organisation code.

Organisation code: 106173

Submit a report via phone: 1. Select the telephone number of the country you are in (free telephone number or local line); 2. Enter the six digit organisation code: 106173; Select your language; Write down your unique report number; Choose a four-digit Pin code (to re-login); After the tone, record your message and press 1 or simply hang-up.

CountryPhone Access (free phone or local line charged at local rate)
Australia+61 2 8284 6262 (local line)
Austria0800 909 683 (free phone)
Belgium0800 89 326 (free phone)
Brazil+55 (11) 4700 8838 (local line)
Canada+1 514 395 0496 (local line)
China1080 0152 3042 (free phone via China Telecom)

1080 0852 2221 (free phone via China United Network)

400 120 1842 (local line, country wide number with no supplier restriction)

China (Hong Kong)
+852 3019 4193 (local line)
China (Taiwan)
+886 2 7743 8912 (local line)
Costa Rica
+506 4036 0350 (local line)
Czech Republic800 050 833 (free phone)
Denmark+45 43 31 09 61 (local line)
Finland0800 392 912 (free phone)
France080 554 3753 (free phone)
Germany0800 1818 952 (free phone)
India0008 0005 03159 (free phone)
Italy800 147 694 (free phone)
Korea (South)+82 2 3700 5146 (local line)
Luxembourg+352 342 080 8982 (local line)
Malaysia+60 3 7724 3136 (local line)
Mexico+52 55 4780 6198 (local line)
Netherlands+31 10 700 75 03 (local line)
Poland80 0012 953 (free phone)
Spain+34 900 031 156 (local line)
Sweden020 160 4703 (free phone)
Switzerland080 000 5691 (free phone)
Tunisia+216 31 300 338 (local line)
Turkey0080 04488 28602 (free phone)
United Kingdom080 0022 4118 (free phone)
United States+1 (669) 288 7154 (local line)

The reporting service SpeakUp® enables you to report serious breaches 24 hours per day and 365 days a year in complete anonymity. The service is operated by a third party, SpeakUp, an independent Dutch company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and founded in 2004. People Intouch is responsible for processing all messages.

Get an overview of our partner SpeakUp

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