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Lightning protection

Lightning protection and EMP components patented by HUBER+SUHNER set standards worldwide as a result of more than 40 years of experience in the development and manufacture of coaxial EMP and NEMP protectors.

The product portfolio meets the strictest requirements of the microwave communication and wireless industries and is suitable for applications in the civil, military and security sectors. For example:

  • Mobile communication systems (GSM 900/1800, UMTS/3G, TETRA)
  • Navigation systems (GPS)
  • CATV and video surveillance
  • Radar
  • High-speed data transmission

Gas discharge tube protectors (Series 3401/3402)

Series 3401/3402 standard versions
For applications with RF and DC components on the antenna line the standard GDT lightning / EMP protectors feature DC continuity and large bandwidth. Most HUBER+SUHNER GDT protector designs are performing excellent in the NEMP application as well. For specific applications internally DC-blocked GDT protectors are also available.

Self-extinguishing GDT protectors (Semper)

The design guarantees safe extinguishing of the GDT under high RF power or with additional DC components on the antenna line. By retrofitting standard GDTs with the HUBER+SUHNER Semper GDT existing installations can be upgraded. The Semper technology is a real improvement to the standard gas tube technology and increases reliability and lifetime of GDT protectors.

True broadband GDT protectors (Series 3406)

Series 3406
SlimLine GDT protectors feature high return loss in the frequency band between DC to 6 GHz. This design is best suited for Point to Point and WLAN equipment.


Hybrid / low PIM / high power GDT protectors (Series 3409)

Series 3409

This patented technology features low passive intermodulation at extremely high continuous and peak instantaneous power
(up to 25 kW PIP)

Bias-T / DC injectors with integrated lightning protector (Series 3410)

Series 3410
Bias-T's, used to «feed-in» or «pick-off» DC voltage into or from antenna feeder cables, provide the operating voltage for active electronics installed on the mast (mast head amplifiers, etc.)

Hybrid GDT fine protectors (Series 3403)

Series 3403
For very sensitive DC powered receivers as used in GPS installations, the hybrid GDT fine protectors with integrated transient voltage suppressor diodes guarantee lowest residual pulse energy.
HUBER+SUHNER fine protectors do feature DC continuity

Quarter-wave shorting stub protectors (Series 3400)

Series 3400
HUBER+SUHNER quarter-wave shorting stub protectors perform best lightning parameters with excellent RF specifications within limited bandwidth. A ratio of 4:1 between lowest and highest frequency of the frequency band is achievable by still meeting high return loss. For specific applications internally DC-blocked quarter-wave shorting stub protectors are also available.

Filter protectors (Series 3407)

Series 3407
LC or LCL band pass filter technologies allow to increase the bandwidth to ratios larger than 4:1 in a compact mechanical design, hence they are an alternative to quarter-wave shorting stub protectors. LC or LCL filter protectors are internally DC-blocked.

Data line protectors (Series 3414)

Series 3414  (twisted pair, Ethernet)
Our CAT 5 and CAT6 (Gigabit) data line protectors are «Power Over Ethernet» compatible and available as IP68 rated robust components for outdoor applications (i.e. backhaul microwave links) or in IP20 specified housings for indoor installations (i.e. data processing centers).

DC/AC protectors (Series 9079)

Series 9079
Overvoltage protectors for applications up to 100 V DC, or 75 V AC based on varistor technology are available as single components.

High voltage DC and DC/DC blocks (Series 9077)

Series 9077
Coaxial DC blocking components (DC blocks ) with blocking voltage between 1 kV ; 4 kV and 15 kV are offered in a frequency range between 160 MHz and 3 GHz. High voltage DC blocks are used in railway applications but are also helpful in EMP protection applications to filter out the low frequency spectrum of the electromagnetic pulse.

High power limiter (Series 9078)

Series 9078
High power limiter feature a combination of lightning and HPM protection in one unit which is unique in the market. These products will be used in a variety of defense applications such as Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Command, Control, Communication Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C³ISR) or Ship’s Signal Exploitation.

Grounding kits (Series 9076)

Series 9076
High quality grounding kits, which do not need extra weatherproofing measures for long term installations in harsh environment.
Capable to divert 100 kA (8/20 µs) and 25 kA (10/350 µs) lightning current.

Gas discharge tubes / Accessories

HUBER+SUHNER gas discharge tube protectors are normally delivered without gas tube some times called gas capsule. This allows the customer to select the appropriate GDT according to his application conditions, especially the maximum operation signal voltage amplitude.

  • Protective caps
  • Mounting wacher nut sets
  • Blanking plugs
  • Grounding cables
  • Grounding rings
  • Mounting brackets
  • Grounding kits