About us

Strategic focus

We help our customers to connect people and bring them closer together. Today and in the future.

Today, the desire to be connected is driven by some fundamental human needs. These include the ability to communicate, be mobile, feel safe, and act sustainably. These needs drive us to develop the most innovative connectivity solutions which are our meaningful contribution to customers and society at large.

Beyond, underlying megatrends such as Industry 4.0; autonomous driving; megacities or post-carbon society reveal the needs for connectivity solutions of the future. This is where our strategic focus lies.

HUBER+SUHNER builds its growth sustainably through a diversified but focused business approach with market verticals that together form a highly attractive portfolio. They can  be grouped in three different states of maturity: core markets and focused market verticals, growth initiatives and opportunities with growth potential. 

The company‚Äôs organisational structure orients itself towards the three main markets of industry, communication, and transportation. We show unique expertise as we combine the three technologies of radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency (low and high voltage) that are fundamental for the transmission of data and energy. Being able to provide the three technologies to customers from a single source is setting us apart. When developing customised solutions, our engineers often work in close collaboration with one of our over 5,000 customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.

Our meaningful contribution to society – today

Personal security

Seamless communication

Environmentally friendly mobility

Responsible business conduct

Focused strategy aligned with megatrends

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Third places - E-mobility - Megacities - Smart cities

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Open innovation - Big data - Industry 4.0 - Augmented reality - Real digital - Smart devices - Internet of things - Social networks

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Autonomous driving - Third places - Wearables -    E-mobility - Mobile commerce

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Super-safe society - Big data - Industry 4.0

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Knowledge culture

Open innovation

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New work

Open innovation - Industry 4.0

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Sustainable society - Post-carbon society -             E-mobility

The dimensions of our strategic focus

We strive for a balanced and focused diversification of our business at all times by managing our current businesses. 
Core markets
These are our foundation. Their turnover is crucial to secure the size and setup of the company as it is today in terms of size and setup. Our aim is to be in attractive core markets which allow the organisation to use all its strengths to take a strong position. Their contributions are essential to meet today’s goals and fund our growth initiatives.​
Growth initiatives
These have been identified based on their potential for future profitable growth and their strategic fit. In order to succeed we ensure a dedicated approach, pre-investments in resources and the formation of highly committed teams. Our today’s growth initiatives should become core markets of the future.
Focused market verticals
These are niches or applications which offer a high degree of differentiation and thus attractive margins. They differ from growth initiatives solely by the fact that the market does not offer HUBER+SUHNER the potential to generate sufficiently high sales to become a core market over time.
Opportunities with growth potential
These are attractive business ideas at an early stage. They prove either to have the prospect to become a growth initiative or an interesting niche business – or they are not pursued. We therefore strive to always have a range of «beyond bold moves» in the pipeline.