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17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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Chilean miners: Rescue transmitted via satellite

The mobile «EXPLORER» satellite terminal made by Danish manufacturer Thrane & Thrane enables broadband communication via satellite from any location. It is therefore often used in remote areas, e.g. for task force communication or for media coverage of disasters. A typical case was the live transmission of the spectacular rescue of the trapped Chilean miners last year. Solutions from HUBER+SUHNER were also in use during this global media event.

Breaking news from the end of the world with the «EXPLORER» satellite terminal.
Around one billion TV spectators watched live as 33 Chilean miners were freed from their underground prison after a rescue mission lasting 69 days. They had been trapped following the collapse of a mine in the Atacama Desert on 5 August 2010. The rescue mission, which brought the miners back into the daylight on 13 October 2010, was one of the greatest media events of the year.
Several TV networks used the compact and mobile «EXPLORER » satellite terminal from Thrane & Thrane, to which a laptop and camera can be connected. They were thus able to deliver raw footage to the studio, but also went on air with live video and audio. The data was transmitted via satellite operator Inmarsat’s BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) service. As no other infrastructure is needed, BGAN is very frequently used for transmitting news from remote events.

Coaxial cables from HUBER+SUHNER are integrated both in the «EXPLORER» devices, as well as in the antenna and terminal. The cables are used for RF transmission, as well as for supplying the antenna with power. TNC connectors are used in the terminal and right-angle QN connectors are installed in the antenna. In order for the QN connector to achieve the required IP67 seal rating, the connector is encapsulated in a special injection-moulded component. The standard-length antenna cable normally measures only 50 centimetres. However, in close collaboration, Thrane & Thrane and HUBER+SUHNER have developed extra-long 10, 30, 60 and 100 metre cables, which meet the relevant electrical and mechanical requirements. An innovative solution, which played its part in the story that made the miners and their rescuers into heroes.