Power2Drive Europe
Power2Drive Europe
Auf der Innovationsplattform The smarter E Europe werden vier Fachmessen zusammengeführt. Besuchen Sie uns auf der Messe Power2Drive Europe Stand C3.370 und endecken Sie die neue Generation von RADOX® HPC Schnellladesystem. 
17/6/2020 - 19/6/2020
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Smart grids: Efficiency through fiber optics

Smart grids: Efficiency through fiber optics
More intelligent and better networked: In future, existing power grids will optimise power generation and power consumption thanks to accurate real-time data. HUBER+SUHNER is supplying the fiber optic solutions for monitoring and controlling these smart grids.

Fiber optic cables are extremely well-suited for measurements in power plants. They are insensitive to electromagnetic interference and ideal for transmitting data across large distances. HUBER+SUHNER supplies a number of products for monitoring and controlling power plants, high-voltage transmission facilities, substations and transformer stations. For environmentally-sound, regenerative power generation in wind, hydro-electric and solar plants, the company also offers high-quality, installation- friendly and durable fiber optic solutions.
Making measured currents visible
In power grids, important parameters are measured using optical sensors. In order to measure voltage, for example, light is guided through an electro-optical crystal via an optical fiber. The voltage influences the light in different ways, depending on its magnitude. In order to measure the current intensity, a sensing fiber is used, in which the phase difference of the light increases proportionally with the current intensity. These light changes are evaluated electronically in order to determine the voltage or current values. The sensors employed must enable highly-precise and stable measurements and be resistant to mechanical influences such as shock or vibration.
Customised fiber optic cables
In consultation with the customer, HUBER+SUHNER proposed fiber optic cables meeting the specific requirements for these optical sensors, such as high mechanical robustness or good insulation properties. The optimised products were then subjected to extensive testing under practical conditions at the plants. Today, these cables are used for the volume production of new sensors. The existing sensors are also to be optimisedby means of new solutions. With its adapted fiber optic cables, HUBER+SUHNER supports reliable operation of the optical sensors and consequently the future efficiency of smart grids.