Optical circuit switching

POLATIS® optical circuit switching

Advancing software-controlled networks

Bring software-controlled optical circuit switching into your network to maximise uptime and performance. The POLATIS range combines decades of expertise with the latest technological advancements, enabling you to take a major leap towards an automated fiber layer.

The POLATIS range is equipped with our patented DirectLight™ technology, making it the only optical circuit switch that can hold dark fiber connections, enabling pre-provisioning and managing low or intermittent signals.

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Software-controlled optical circuit switching

Rapid provisioning, protecting, testing and monitoring of connections. Eliminates human error from manual patching. Enables remote operations. Reduces manpower costs.

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Maximised performance and uptime

Minimal impact on network optical power budgets. Maximised reliability, uptime, and switch availability. Minimal power consumption (compared to OEO switch).

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Secure transmission

Light passes through switch unaltered. Data not interrogated for routing. Integration into host control system and security.

A portfolio that perfectly fits your needs

Wide range of sizes and configurations

Benefit from the widest selection of matrix sizes and configuration options on the market, ranging from 8x8 to 576x576. The many options make POLATIS suitable for every requirement and application.

Optical performance

Set your network up with the POLATIS range and get superior optical performance with rapid switching and minimal insertion loss.


Deploy POLATIS in your production network right away, with in-built hardware redundancy, secure user management and integration with network control software.

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Applications for optical circuit switching that maximise uptime and performance

Data center and fixed access network

POLATIS offers software-controlled optical circuit switches for provisioning, protecting and monitoring within colocation, hyperscale and telecoms data centers and in broadcasting production centers. Being SDN-enabled, these solutions can be integrated into almost any network operating control system.

Automated cross-connects and provisioning

Automates Moves, Adds and Changes (MACs) to enable fast and dynamic provisioning and reliable switch-over of high-speed data across your fiber network.

Network disaggregation

Optical connection of disaggregated compute and storage resources.

Video content and broadcast

Input selection and routing of multiple cameras and microphones as well as studio connectivity for resource sharing and remote operations.

Test and measurement

Components, devices and even entire networks need to be tested and certified prior to deployment in order to maintain uptime and client satisfaction. POLATIS switches interface with leading test automation solutions, enabling expensive testing equipment to be used more efficiently and removing people and delays from the lab environment.

Network test lab automation

Automates connections between devices during testing to optimise the use of expensive testing equipment, facilitate test routines and reduce manpower.

Optical production

Automates quality control testing of optical components to leverage expensive testing equipment and reduce manpower.

Network monitoring and cybersecurity

Monitoring the ever-increasing variety of formats and volume of traffic in their network poses significant challenges for network operators. POLATIS switches interface with leading monitoring and cybersecurity solutions, enabling operators to automate these processes to improve their ROI while still complying with all legal requirements.

Network monitoring

Enables in-line monitoring of network performance and traffic flows.


Connects multiple network probes to a limited set of expensive monitoring equipment looking for data streams of interest as well as cyber threats.

Secure communications

Transmission and switching of radio frequency (RF) and video/audio signals running multiple protocols across coax networks requires the deployment of expensive equipment. Conversion of these signals to run over lower-cost optical fiber together with optical circuit switches enables them to be handled efficiently and securely, as the switches are agnostic to protocol and data rate, and overcomes transmission distance constraints.

Satellite ground station

Radio frequency over fiber (RFoF) increases transmission distance and security using fiber optic cable, at lower cost 

Control room

Switches multiple signal types and protocols on common platform

Portfolio overview

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