Mobile network

Test lab

Support testing environments through optical circuit switching and RF-over-Fiber timing solutions.

Testing new equipment in a lab environment to verify network service quality, reliability, and security is essential before deploying it into your mobile network. These test labs also simulate the live network environments for troubleshooting without deploying technicians in the field.

Our portfolio allows you to automate and simplify testing by streamlining resource utilitsation, improving remote accessibility, and replacing lossy coaxial cables.

With our optical circuit switches, you can set up remote access to the test environment, expand to multiple testing locations, as well as increase testing distance between devices.

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Your advantages

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Possibility to connect to multiple devices.

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Reconfigured network topology.

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Remote access

Remote access to test environment.

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Multiple locations

Expansion to multiple testing locations.

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Power consumption

Reduced power consumption

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Save space

Space saved in lab.

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Testing distance

Increase in testing distance between devices. 

Our mobile network connectivity solutions

Antenna solutions for the mobile network
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Bandwidth expansion for the mobile network
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Harsh environment cabling
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Optical circuit switching
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SENCITY® Occhio MIMO 2x2 Antenna 85115709 Ceiling Mount Low PIM Compact Omnidirectional MIMO 2x2 indoor antenna for inbuilding coverage.

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