RADOX modular Cable Assembly

RADOX modular cable assembly (mCAY)

A new high voltage solution from HUBER+SUHNER to speed up the production of heavy-duty electric vehicles 

The manufacturing of electric commercial vehicles such as trucks, buses and electric special vehicles will be made more efficient thanks to the launch of a new purpose-built high voltage modular cable assembly . The solution has been designed to be simpler to assemble and to save development efforts. 

As a result of the significant investment made in the company’s own in-house production capability, HUBER+SUHNER has expanded its high-voltage portfolio to deliver complete cable assemblies to customers, furthermore, end-of-line testing is included within the assembly process, meaning once the mCAY solution has been assembled and tested together, the customer can install it immediately within commercial Electric Vehicles (EVs).


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Intuitive configuration

The mCAY solutions offer easy and intuitive configuration and integration into existing high voltage systems, resulting in shorted delivery times for the customers. 

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Accelerated homologation process

The mCAY solutions are made with accelerated homologation process ensuring that the component complies to safety regulations and meets specific technical requierements.  

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Easy integration into high voltage systems 

The mCAY solutions are easily integrated to any customer's high voltage systems.

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System usage without corrugated tubes

The mCAY solutions are designed to be resistant without the additional tubing system to protect cabling.

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mCAY (assembly on both sides)

EV-C 2 with connector

Connector on both sides

mCAY (assembly on one side)

EV-C 2 one side (pigtail)

Connector on one side (pigtail)

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