High-precision positioning with the latest SENCITY® Road MULTI and integrated GNSS solutions

Written by 

Michael Thiel 

Product Manager Antennas

Advances in Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology will play a crucial role in enabling cars to connect and communicate with the outside environment. Through this technology, vehicles will be able to provide information about their road positioning – such as coordinates – to reduce the risk of accidents with other drivers in the same area. Through precise positioning, organizations such as fleet services can also track the exact location of their vehicles while on the roads.

For V2X to operate successfully, high precision positioning must be a pre-condition. To support vehicle manufacturers looking to implement this technology, the SENCITY® Road MULTI antenna portfolio provides the perfect solution to enable maximum location accuracy. 

Precise positioning

For utmost accuracy, the latest navigational services have to be integrated into a vehicle’s positioning system. These include different GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) services, e.g. the recently upgraded European Global Navigation Satellite System GALILEO. 

Different GNSS services operate on different frequency bands, and the upper and lower L-bands should be covered to best support the receivers. Full functionality and maximum positioning accuracy with multi frequency reception can then be achieved. This is essential, as any communications broadcasted by the vehicle have to be precise, no matter the conditions.

With the latest SENCITY® Road MULTI portfolio, HUBER+SUHNER now offers an integrated GNSS antenna able to provide multi-frequency reception to its customers. The antenna can cover – generally speaking – the L1, L2 and L5 bands, as well as the important GALILEO services within the E5a and E5b bands. Other navigational services such as Glonass and BeiDou are also supported through the solution. Alongside with this comes an improved filtering to avoid interference with other e.g. cellular services in 5G.

Accuracy down to the centimeter

Previous navigation services were able to provide vehicle location at a range of over ten meters. Using the new services in above mentioned bands, vehicles are now able to provide enhanced, precise positioning down to the centimeter range, depending on the specific receiver architecture used. The SENCITY® Road MULTI antenna provides a perfect solution for commercial vehicles such as buses, trucks or other fleet vehicles to communicate precise positioning while accelerating the evolution of V2X technology. 


SENCITY® ROAD MULTI 85185103 Rugged vehicle rooftop multi-element multi-band antenna for MIMO applications in heavy duty vehicles like bus and truck. Meets specific requirements for automotive use.