The breakthrough in megawatt charging has arrived!


As an innovation leader in high-power charging (HPC), HUBER+SUHNER continues to further develop essential technologies that address emerging market needs in EV charging and to provide value to our customers. HUBER+SUHNER proudly introduces the “missing link” between vehicle and infrastructure enabling a safe, efficient and ultra-fast charging experience for heavy duty electric vehicles.

Leveraging its unrivalled field experience in high power charging, HUBER+SUHNER is about to launch a comprehensive product line-up for megawatt-class charging solution (MCS) up to 3,000 Amps.

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Proven and tested

Proven and tested

The RADOX® MCS 1500 is the first available product in the HUBER+SUHNER MCS portfolio. The product was successfully tested in our labs at 1,500 Amps (continuous charging). The product is now in prototype stage and can be ordered for testing and validation in lab settings and on test sites.

Order your RADOX® MCS 1500 prototype samples now, and/or download the presentation to read more on the technical details of the RADOX® MCS 1500. Our HUBER+SUHNER experts are available to support you and answer your questions.

HPC Systems Portfolio

HPC Systems Portfolio

The RADOX® High Power Charging (HPC) System allows to multiply the power-throughput of a charging cable. With charging times below 15 minutes (80% State of Charge), the development puts super-fast charging within reach. Our HPC portfolio includes the RADOX HPC200 and the RADOX HPC500, both designed for charging stations with an output of 50 kW up to 500 kW. It is a complete charging cable system including cooled/uncooled cable, connector and cooling system (RADOX HPC 500). The superior performance and integrated safety features make the RADOX HPC system the best partner for the modern electrical charging infrastructure.

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