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HUBER+SUHNER is expanding its own antenna portfolio and thus strengthening its market position in the area of Secure Communication. A particular focus is placed on the development of broadband products combining TETRA and Professional LTE and others.

IOT – wireless communication for industry

IOT – wireless communication for industry

Although most aspects in IoT are software related, many applications place great emphasis on hardware. Although reliability and performance are critical, the total cost of ownership for a system is also just as important. Due to their sometimes complex designs, industrial buildings can pose unique challenges on radio links.

HUBER+SUHNER offers a wide range of antennas that ensure business-critical connectivity even in buildings or locations with less-than-optimal reception.

Supporting the needs of blue light forces

Supporting the needs of blue light forces

HUBER+SUHNER products also support mission-critical applications for emergency response and blue light forces by providing robust and secure solutions that support front-line operations in the air, on the ground and at sea.

Covering the digital TETRA, ultra-broadband and professional LTE bands, we offer mobile communication services  enabling the combination of voice and data in emergency situations to ensure reliable coverage when it is needed most.


Smart grids

Smart grids

As the transition to renewable energy sources gains speed, so does the need for advanced metering and control of the entire production and distribution network. Of course, this requires the reliable transmission of voice and data communication in both urban and rural areas where signal penetration and availability is not guaranteed.

This is proven to be most critical in remote locations like ocean wind parks, offshore platforms, and power plants where operational safety is highly dependent on reliable data transfer over long distances and through harsh environments.

New products

SENCITY ® SC indoor panel

SENCITY ® SC indoor panel

Our upgraded SENCITY SC indoor panel now covers the entire band ranging from 380 to 470 MHz. This enables excellent flexibility by offering one solution to cover the different sub-bands within TETRA and LTE450 – all delivered in the original extra small housing.

Featured products


    The new omni-directional antenna ideal for business-critical communications and smart grid applications, while also accommodating frequency bands used in mission-critical communications. This is a ruggedized antenna that can simultaneously cover TETRA, LTE, 5G and Wi-Fi bands and offers a GNSS option.

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    The LTE700 antenna empowers private networks across a number of verticals - from private business operations such as water smart metering and smart grids, to blue-light and emergency service communications traditionally found in the lower frequency bands.

    •2-Port Panel Antenna
    •Frequency Range 698-960MHz
    •Dual Polarization (X-Pol)
    •Half-power Beam Width 68°-59°

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Business & Mission Critical Networks. Version 2022

Business & Mission Critical Networks. Version 2022

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