ECOC Exhibition 2020 - Virtual Event
ECOC Exhibition 2020 - Virtual Event
From 7-9 December, the ECOC Exhibition will be the key meeting place for everyone in the fiber optic communication technology industry, attracting over 6,500 decision-makers from across the industry.

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7/12/2020 - 9/12/2020
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FLEXIBLE BEND-TO-THE-ENDFlexible microwave bend-to-the-end cable assemblies


The Minibend series is a flexible, preassembled coaxial cable assembly line, designed for internal point-to-point interconnections between RF modules within systems. Allowing bending immediately behind the connector with excellent resistance to flame and corrosion, the series boasts impressive pull strength and mechanical durability. It is 100% tested to ensure the highest quality performance.

  • Applicable in frequencies up to 65GHz
  • 100% tested preassembled coaxial cable assembly
  • Patented solder-less cable junction


  • Bend-to-the-end: allows bending the cable immediately behind the connector
  • Excellent pull strength and mechanical durability
  • High performance cable assembly with excellent resistance to flame and corrosion


  • Defense
  • Space
  • Test & Measurement
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