Enhance your cable routing efficiency through modularized power distribution

High Voltage Power Splitter 

High voltage cable routing will no longer be a challenge, thanks to our innovative High Voltage Power Splitter (HVPS) – a new part in the HUBER+SUHNER high voltage product ecosystem.

Ever-increasing demands for enhanced electric powertrain performance has made the wiring and management of harness structures a challenge.

The High Voltage Power Splitter (HVPS) has been designed to solve this issue. It is capable of making significant weight and space savings while reducing the total cost of ownership. The different connection possibilities and compact termination also provide significant benefits when managing the routing of cables.

Utilising a ‘black box’ touch-proof enclosure, HVPS also includes a semi-pluggable RADOX EV-C 2 interface, which will secure reliable connections over a vehicle’s lifetime time. It also greatly improves the experience of handling high voltage wiring harnesses.

A combination of best-in-class HUBER+SUHNER high voltage products can help our customers overcome tough environmental conditions, such as the presence of dust, moisture and high vibrations.

With multiple claims currently in our patent application, prototypes for the HVPS will be available from May for all interested in using the product.

HVPS available for multiple heavy duty vehicle 

Key Benefits 

  • Standard component enabling modularity of the system

    HVPS enables our customers to build a high voltage architecture based on a standardised element. This gives them greater freedom in scaling the desired size of the system.

  • High configurability supporting more efficient cable routing

    With HVPS, wiring harnesses can be robustly connected at different angles to ensure the optimal routing of cable assemblies.


  • Semi-pluggable pass-through interface

    HVPS raises the safe assembly and servicing of wiring harnesses to a new level, with a quick and reliable mating procedure.

  • High performance in harsh environment

    Harmonisation with the industry-proven RADOX EV-C 2 (standard and Flex cable) interface and RADOX High Voltage cables guarantees superior performance in challenging conditions and heavy-duty applications.

Configuration types

Type Y


An improved cable routing sytem with flexible wiring harness network. 

Type L

A significant space saving solution that allows the bending of large cables.

Type T

A cascade solution for the high voltage network and a reduction in the number of cable assemblies.

Type X

A compact power distribution unit designed for limited space. 

Designed to enhance powertrain peformance and management harness structure, the HVPS significantly improves the experience of handling high voltage wiring harness. 

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We ensure safe and efficient distribution of high-voltage power for road vehicles. Our RADOX high voltage cables and cable systems have been developed to withstand exceptionally strong thermal, chemical, electrical, and mechanical loads.

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