Data Center Day Würzburg
Data Center Day Würzburg

Find out about successful data center and IT strategies and exchange views with other decision-makers and our experts.

22/10/2019 - 22/10/2019
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RF Assembly Configurator

1. Information
The RF Assembly Configurator provides an overview of possible standard HUBER+SUHNER RF assembly variants. It provides product information about the available components, which include coaxial cables, connectors and labelling sleeves.

2. Configure
The cables and connectors can be individually configured in a subsequent step. The user is free to configure the product to their requirements, from specifying the cable length to selecting the appropriate labelling sleeve. A quotation can then be requested for all the defined assemblies.

> RF Assembly Configurator

Power design tool  for remote radio head installations

Output, current and voltage calculations are required when installing new mobile communication antennas, upgrading existing networks and reusing existing cable infrastructures. The power design tool for remote radio head installations and mobile communication antennas makes these calculations easier for engineers.

The calculator takes into account all possible parameters, including cable length, conductor cross-section, voltage at the base station and RRH, electricity power consumption of the remote radio head, and ambient temperature.

> Power design tool