Sustainable Packaging 

One small step towards a sustainable future

Advantages of our packaging

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Waste management efficiency

Minimising waste generation during the installation process leads to a more eco-friendly disposal approach. 

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Quick installation

The paper packaging's design for quick and easy opening translates to significant time and labor savings. 

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Environmental-friendly materials

Utilising 100 % recyclable FSC-certified paper instead of single-use plastic packaging reduces our impact on the environment.  

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Uncompromised quality

Our packaging is crafted from premium, dust-free paper, ensuring no risk of contamination. 

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Cost savings

Lighter packaging means lower transportation costs, and paper can be disposed of free of charge. 

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Reduced carbon footprint

Commitment to environmental responsibility through a 50 % reduction in CO2 emissions (calculated according to ISO 14040, based on supplier data).​

Our commitment

  • Remove 2.2 million single-use plastic bags from the supply chain each year 
  • Reduce the amount of shipments by optimising our logistics process for packaging material and by combining orders
  • Source packaging material regionally 
  • Support our customers to fulfil their environmental goals

Before and after

Our customer, Equinix, loves our new packaging

“Equinix is actively committed to reducing its carbon footprint in all areas of the company. This includes the innovative design of cabling in our data centers, where we are constantly working with our partners to find new solutions. HUBER+SUHNER supports us, among other things, by providing their products in packaging that is fully recyclable. This represents an important step in reducing plastic waste and thereby protecting the environment.” 

Jonathan Tisnerat, Senior IBX Customer Operations Technician, Equinix  

Products available in eco-friendly packaging

Indoor fiber optic cable assemblies


From single fiber cables to high fiber count assemblies, HUBER+SUHNER offers a comprehensive range of connectors and pre-terminated cables. 

Your impact

The problem

By 2050, pieces of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the number of fish, if nothing changes. 

The solution

Replace single-use plastic bags with dust-free paper bags and paper cable ties.

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Head Global Sustainability & Env. Mgmt.