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Databus cables

The greatest challenge for cable manufacturers is providing cables that reliably transmit ever increasing volumes of data while meeting demanding market requirements. For this purpose, HUBER+SUHNER has included databus cables in its product range for different markets.


HUBER+SUHNER combines extensive expertise in data communication with electron-beam-cross-linked material technology. The databus cables developed in-house (pre-terminated on request) provide reliable solutions for use in high-temperature applications and harsh environmental conditions. The databus cables fulfil the requirements of different markets due to their excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics.

Characteristics of HUBER+SUHNER products

  • Excellent data transmission rates
  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Flame-retardant materials
  • Do not melt or flow at high temperatures
  • Low weight
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for the harshest environmental conditions

RADOX databus cable applications

  • On-board railway Ethernet
  • Infotainment, multimedia in public transport
  • Passenger information systems
  • WiFi networks
  • Internet
  • Video surveillance (CCTV)
  • On-board network structures in road vehicles
  • Industrial automation
  • Military communication
  • Automotive data transmission


  • Railcat CAT5
  • Railcat CAT7
  • Milcat 5
  • Milcat 7
  • Injection-moulded M12 Railcat
  • Canbus, Flexray